Tuesday, 30 August 2011

PHOTOS: Aug Messy Church!

Here are some photos of our most recent Messy Church event on August 21st! Our families were greeted by witches hats, hazard tape, hard hats and fluoro vests galore!

Everyone had a great time with our "construction themed" indoor/outdoor activities, including: gingerbread houses, wood work, digging for buried treasure, bubble blowing, building walls with cardboard boxes, playdough, wheel printing, sand art, DIY gummy lollies, blocks, dress-ups, pet rocks and dirt cakes!

August 2011 Messy Church team photo

Getting dinner ready


Is jelly a solid foundation for a marshmallow pyramid?

Stirring the gummy lolly mixture

Smiles all 'round!

Dirt in a cup!

Wheel painting

Spooning the gummy lolly mixture into the molds

The finished product - yum!

We made pet rocks!

Blowing bubbles

We found treasure hiding in the sand!

Look at our cardboard box wall!

Gingerbread houses!

Gluing on the roof!

We then went into the church to sing some songs, have a dance and participate in an interactive storytelling of the Wise & Foolish Builders tale (from the Bible).

To finish we all tucked into a delicious hamburger dinner - we had so many families in attendance that we only just had enough food! :)

Gingerbread houses all wrapped up to take home!

See you all next time! :)

Our NEXT Messy Church event will be held on 
Sunday 23rd October.  
Planning is well underway as we prepare gardening-themed activities around the story of the "Sower" in the Bible.

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