Tuesday, 8 November 2011

PHOTOS #2: Oct '11 Messy Church

Here are some MORE PHOTOS of our most recent Messy Church event in October 2011. :)

Headless scarecrow!
Making worm farms
Finished worm farm
Outdoor welcome/sign-in table
Layers of soil, vegie scraps and garden waste in the worm farm
Playing with bubbles
Pasting flower pictures onto yogurt tubs
Ready to plant seedlings inside
Cupcake decorating
Spreading the icing on the cupcakes
Making seedpod creatures
The finished product
Using seeds, lentils and pasta to make mosaic pictures
Bald grass heads - it will take a little while for the hair to sprout!
Fruit & vegie faces
Decorating flower presses
Ready to eat at dinner time
Playdough fun

Many more photos to come :)

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