Tuesday, 26 June 2012

PHOTOS: 'In The Light' June 2012

Messy Church 'In The Light' was held on Sunday 17th June 2012 at Dapto Uniting Church. 

Over 120 kids and adults enjoyed the variety of 'light' themed activities and experiences on offer. These included: paper lanterns, fireflies, sparkly playdough, shadow play, candle decorating, mini candle making, wooden candle holders, glass painting, glow-in-the-dark painting and sparkle collages.

Our families also experienced a special science 'Light Lab' that featured: glow sand, glow slime, glow water, glow jars, glow playdough, light tables, glow facepaint, glow nail polish, lava lamp, plasma ball and much more!

We then moved into the church to learn about how Jesus is the 'Light of the World'. After a quiz, glowsticks, singing and dancing to a couple of songs, we headed back to the hall for a delicious jacket potato and salad dinner. We ate jelly and fairy bread for dessert!


setting up the candle making

getting ready for the firework spin art

adding a few finishing touches to the Light Lab

special visitor Judyth Roberts (on right) - Messy Church Australia rep

June 2012 team photo

always need a silly team photo!

signing in

more people arriving

happy faces!
catching up with friends

wooden candle holders

firework spin art - great fun!

light houses

candle decorating

mini candle making

sparkly collage

lava lamp in the 'Light Lab'
glowing slime
glowing sand - very popular!

light table
glowing water!
light table #2
floor mat of glowing fun
glow in the dark playdough
plasma ball
glow jars

making the fireflies

look what I made!

sparkly playdough

glow in the dark painting
glow in the dark paint
paper lanterns
paper lanterns

glass painting

a hive of activity in the hall

shadow fun!

celebration time in the church

dancing with glowsticks
saying grace together before dinner :)
our amazing kitchen team!
look what we made!

checking out photos from previous Messy Church events
yum - jelly for dessert!

filling out feedback forms - very important!
take home box

time to head home

packing up

see you next time :)


  1. Hi There. Totally love your blog and your messy church activities. I follow you on pinterest (i think you follow me too) any ways thank you, we are in the process of considering setting up messy church in our small village church in England and your blog has given us the best content anywhere online, and seems to be consistent with our other ministry to children and families. I was wondering if you had considered sharing your how to cards on line, I know there is the time constraints etc. I barely manage to blog let alone up load as much as I could. But anyways thank you sooo much

    1. Hi there :) thank you for your feedback! We would love to share our activity how to cards with you. If you let us know your email address we can send some info through to you.

      Dapto MC team