Tuesday, 18 December 2012

PHOTOS #2: Messy Christmas Dec '12

Here is the second round of photos from our Messy Christmas event on Sunday...

December 2012 team photo
silly team photo
welcome table
signing in
catching up
Christmas tree cones

playdough time!
making tree ornaments
card making
mini wooden mangers
Christmas badge making
Joy to the World!
colouring in the badges
cutting out more badges
candy cane foam!
Christmas water beads
feels so weird!!
face painting
making tinsel wreaths
making chocolate donkey poo
making melting snowman biscuits
decorating the 'Sticky Box'
felt Christmas tree with knitted Nativity set
Nativity felt board
photobooth time!
say cheese!
Celebration time in the Church
dancing time!
story time

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